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How about some entertainment for those down times? Jokes from our staff and from our users, Games, a way to chat and share with other drivers and people in Trucking: Our Trucker's Space, used and designed by the drivers.


We have traveled throughout the USA over the years making our presence known and meeting our users face to face. Showing them what we have and asking them where we should go.


Our Future is about what's ahead - for you This industry is changing everyday and not always for the best.
Pressure from the insurance industry, our Government, and special interest groups has truly made our positions as “Professional Drivers” challenging to say the least.
As Professionals we need the resources at our reach to better help reduce costs and help us work within this changing industry.


The Drivers, Transportation Companies, Shippers, Suppliers, Service Companies, all must work together to assure that we all can make a reasonable profit to survive and take care of our families.
If you have any ideas for New Services, or Information we can make available
“PLEASE” let us know and we will do our best to deliver.

This site is dedicated to those Professional Drivers who are keeping our country strong and our economy growing. 

This is YOUR Site & YOU are in the Driver's Seat. ALL this at NO cost to You!

About CDL Freedom.com

CDL FREEDOM came about from our frustrations as Truck Drivers and our work in the industry. We got tired of searching individual sites to find things unique to the Trucking Industry. So it occurred to us that we need a Driver’s Home Page, where we can find all these things and more, in one place. A place designed by and for the Driver.

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